Hi, I’m Zoe, I’m qualified as a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

My Kundalini journey started whilst I was working in Fashion and living in Dubai. It was after a horse-riding accident that I reconnected with yoga. I was living a disconnected life. I always felt that my life was missing something, thats when my spiritual journey began..

After trying different styles of yoga,  I felt a deeper connection with Kundalini which changed my perspective and started shifting old patterns, anxiety, and fears.

 This led me back to the UK to start the teacher training at The  Ik Saran Dhian school.     Amrita Simran is the spiritual name that was given to me after my training.

I’ve always been drawn to the musical/mantra side of Kundalini Yoga and have studied sound healing using gong and crystal singing bowls with Harriet Emily. I’m passionate about combining the use of Sound with Kundalini to help people reconnect to themselves. Kundalini and sound healing combined is the perfect combination to relax from the rigours of modern life and to realign. I’ve recently released my own version of the closing song LONG TIME SUN which is available on all music platforms.

I’ve also been studying The Mothers Journey for pregnancy, and postnatal yoga. It was whilst I was on the MJ course that I became pregnant, I found the teachings very inspiring and it was really helpful towards my own journey. It gave me the knowledge and confidence to have a positive birth.  My Pregnancy was an emotional time, but also a deeply spiritual experience and I hope to help other pregnant women in the future.

Kundalini yoga not only helps you to feel balanced but also works well with overcoming addictions, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Reconnecting you back onto your true path.

I’m currently teaching my classes online and hold a monthly cacao ceremony for healing, guidance and reconnecting you to your true essence.  I’m available for private appointments around Henley on Thames area. 

Please click Here for classes.  You can check out my YouTube page for short meditations to try at home.

You can contact me via email amritasimrankundalini@gmail.com or HERE .


Zoe X

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