What do I need to bring? Please bring your own mat if you have one. There will be some spare but I can’t guarantee enough for all so if you have your own please bring. You can also bring a blanket if you prefer for the relaxation or anything that makes you feel comfortable. A cushion if you struggle to sit on the floor in lotus/easy pose. Other than that just yourself!

Why does the teacher wear white?
White expands our aura and it protects us from negative projections, deflects negativity, helps lift depression/uplift mood. Yogi Bhajan says that “All the colors are in the white light. You can absorb from the white light just the frequencies you need regardless of who you are because all the frequencies are in it.”  It is recommended to wear white while practicing Kundalini to achieve better results, but it is not required.

What to wear? Wear anything that you feel comfortable in for doing the Asana (dynamic postures) and meditations, preferably white clothing but it’s not essential.

How is Kundalini different from other forms of yoga practice? If you are used to attending Hatha and Ashtanga style classes you will notice that Kundalini has a slightly different vibe we don’t just use Asana and Breath. We combine Asana (Dynamic posture), Pranayama (Breathing techniques), Mantra ( Sound vibration as what we vibrate we attract).  Mudra ( Hand positions that help to guide the energy to our brain). Drishti ( Eye focus to stimulate the glands to secrete hormones.) Body locks to seal and combine the energy created and meditation. The combination of the class makes it a popular choice for people with businesses or stressful careers and lifestyles. Kundalini is the fastest form of yoga to bring you to alignment with your true self.

I’m a beginner to yoga can I attend a class? Absolutely! Kundalini classes are suitable for all levels. You work at your own pace and do what you feel you are comfortable with.

I don’t know the words to the mantras and I can’t sing? Don’t worry we have all been there, and nobody is listening to your voice, you focus on yourself.  I will give out at the beginning of the class the words for the mantras we use for tuning in and out. Just listen to the mantra and slowly as you feel comfortable, join in, but try to push yourself over that barrier. Sound vibration is important, it’s like re-tuning a radio to the right frequency. We retune our mind to handle the noise in our daily life.

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