What Is Kundalini ?

Imagine a life without the unnecessary worry, self-belittlement, grief, and fear. Kundalini unlocks your true creative potential. Resetting you back on the path to your true self.

Kundalini is the yoga of empowerment and it’s the fastest form of yoga to connect your mind, body, and soul. It’s an ancient elite Indian practice; Yogi Bhajan brought it to the West in 1969. It’s an uplifting, physical and spiritual blend to awaken your soul’s nerve, enabling you to live your life to your full potential.

The science of Kundalini yoga works on your glandular and nervous system, the goal is to give you physical vitality and to awaken your consciousness.  It’s a powerful practice to overcome addictions, anxiety, trauma, stress, anger, weight issues, insomnia and lack of confidence. This is achieved by doing a combination of energetic postures (kriya), breathing techniques (pranayama), hand positions (mudra), Locks (bandhas), mantra and meditation. The kundalini energy is stored in the Muladhara, when we inhale Prana and pull up Apana we create heat in the navel center which awakens the energy, setting the kundalini energy on its journey upwards passing all the chakras. We need a regular practice in order for it to be active. Sound vibration is very important. By chanting a mantra we activate the meridian points in the top of our mouth, sending signals to our brain and vibrations throughout the body, it’s a powerful technology to overcome any blocks.

I will always start the class by tuning in with a mantra , followed by setting an intention or appreciation. We will then do  a set of yoga exercises (Kriya) , followed by a meditation then relaxation or sound healing,  I then close the class with a mantra.

Most of the time we are living in fear, fear of the future or fear from the past this is because we are imbalanced in our positive or negative mind, Kundalini enables us to be in control, in our neutral mind. This will make you feel more balanced and ready to handle challenging situations with a sense of empowerment. Kundalini is a journey, as the layers of your subconscious mind slowly peel away, you will begin to live your life being true to yourself. You will be more relaxed and will notice the clarity that you have to live your daily life, improvements in relationships with friends, family and a sense of clarity with your career.

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